Escape Game Crime Scene, Find The Key. Montreal.
Escape Game Crime Scene, Find The Key. Montreal.
Escape Game Crime Scene, Find The Key. Montreal.

Escape Game Crime Scene

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 45 min. to complete
Price 25 C$ per player

About the game Crime Scene

It's 1955, London, England. 

You wake up in a middle of the room. You are feeling dizzy, like someone hit you over the head with a bat. You are trying to figure out where you are. It looks like an office. The name sign on the door says: “Hercule Poirot - Private Detective”.

You suddenly remember you have read in the newspaper that the Belgian detective has gone missing while working on a murder case. His office was closed for investigation. The police were very evasive about the matter.

You take a look around. Something doesn’t seem right. It looks like a fight took place in there. Things are spread all over the floor, and something that looks like a blood stain on the carpet makes you almost panic.

You take a look at your hands. They are all covered in blood. Somebody is trying to frame you for a murder you didn’t commit. The police are probably on their way, and you are locked inside.

You only have 2 options: either find the spare key and run, or try to solve the case before the police arrive.

Are you up to the challenge?

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Address escape game Crime Scene

Montreal, 1000 Rue Amherst, Montréal, QC H2L 3K5
438-870- ... Show phone number

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